Thanks a Million for Supporting the 2016 WI State Fair

We have a great state fair in Wisconsin and the 2016 WI State Fair was one of the best! Here are a few interesting stats for the 2016 WI State Fair, as well as a few stats for the Foundation's Fair Programs. 

2016 WI State Fair Stats

  • 1,015,815 attended the WI State Fair
  • 1,065,000 rides taken in SpinCity
  • 660,000 lbs. (330 tons) of ice used
  • 315,000 Original Cream Puffs enjoyed
  • 150,000 slides taken down the Giant Slide
  • 105,000 ears of corn sold at the New Berlin Lion's Club
  • 55,000 Real Wisconsin Cheese grilled cheese sandwiches served
  • 50,000 Wisconsin Baked Potatoes sold in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion
  • 5,000 Klement's Famous Racing Sausages Corn Dogs eaten (Sporkies #FairgoersFave)
  • State Fair attendance the past 3 years: 1,012,552 in 2013, 1,030,881 in 2014 and 1,033,053 in 2015

2016 Foundation at the Fair Stats

  • 15,280 bottles of Robinade served
  • 18,150 slides taken down the World's Largest Piggy Bank Slide
  • 36,000+ pull tabs were purchased
  • 22 lucky pull tab buyers won $250
  • 66 volunteers worked 238 hours over the 11 days of the Fair

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year's Fair and a BIG THANKS to all of our volunteers! We couldn't do it without you! 

Mark your calendar for the 2017 WI State Fair - August 3rd-13th. We can't wait!

World's Largest Piggy Bank Slide

World's Largest Piggy Bank Slide